I was born in 04/30/1963 in Istanbul at Haseki Hospital.

I lived for years in Laleli together with my father and mother who were both officials in Istanbul University Faculty of Literature.

After graduating from Koca Ragıp Paşa Primary School in 1974, I started my education which lasted eight years in Istanbul Private German High School.

After I lost my father in 1976, life started getting harder for me; I had to study in winter and work in summer months.

In 1982, I enrolled in the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Istanbul Technical University.

In 1990, I established my first company that deals with buying and selling computers and software development.

After working in this company for many years, I closed the company in 1997 and worked with various companies as an IT consultant for many years.

I started writing novels in 1997, but this novel, which I started, was not completed due to the intensity of my business activities.

I married my wife in 2005 and after we moved to Antalya in 2010, my first novel, TEMAS was published followed by my second novel Ölüm Adası.

Then I published my third book Sabaha Karşı Öyküleri as an e-book.

I am currently living in Antalya with my wife and I continue to write my new novel which is the continuation of TEMAS.