Except for a few previous attempts, my first long-term book writing trial was the TEMAS, which I started writing in 1997. After years of drafts, corrections, and various mishaps (such as the failure of the laptop and thus losing the written parts of my work which I had to rewrite later), TEMAS was finally written in 2010.
I guess no author has ever had to update his ongoing book as much as I did. 🙂
TEMAS, which was released in 2011, received much more positive criticism than I expected, and it immediately gave me the impetus to write my second novel.
The positive reactions to this novel, which started as a result of an alien life form accidentally falling into today’s Elmalı, Antalya, thousands of years ago, posed the need for novels in science-fiction and action genres in our country.
This gave me a clear idea of what the content of my next novels should be. Although the rate of reading books in our country is as low as embarrassing compared to other countries, I decided to write my next books in science-fiction, action and thriller style.

My second book, ÖLÜM ADASI, was completed shortly after TEMAS and was published in 2012.
This sci-fi/thriller book of mine, which is about a rich and successful aesthetic surgeon’s yacht trip in the Aegean Sea together with his wife and close friends that turns into a nightmare all of a sudden, received very positive responses from my readers.
The preference of young readers in Turkey to fluent and gripping novels rather than literary and hard-to-read books was no surprise to me; personally, as a 45 years’ reader, my preference also has always been to easy-to-read, immersive and fluent books.

Sabaha Karşı Öyküleri is a book I decided to write on my wife’s suggestion in 2013.
Once when I told my wife about the extremely detailed dreams I saw when I slept in the morning at dawn, she asked me why I didn’t write them.
At first, I thought of writing each dream as a separate novel, but then I decided to gather them together and write it as a story book, and Sabaha Karşı Öyküleri came to existence…
In this book, which consists of a total of five stories, only one of them is written as fictional, while other stories are inspired by the dreams that I have seen.
Sabaha Karşı Öyküleri is currently only available as e-books; will be announced from these pages and social media pages.
Sabaha Karşı Öyküleri can be bought from the following links below:
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My fourth novel, the continuation of TEMAS, is still in writing…
In this book where I have received an intense demand to be completed as soon as possible, starting from the end of my first book (in fact after a while), the events and the secrets and developments will be explained.
To tell the truth, like my readers I can’t wait to finish this book as soon as possible…